Electronics Trade-in Programs in Canada

Trading in your electronics is becoming pretty standard practice for the big box stores and it’s a really smart way to stretch your dollars, while also recycling and reusing. These programs help you to both recycle, and get cash back on something you would otherwise keep on a shelf or in a drawer for ages. Most programs let you get a quote online and then either take it into the store or send it in. Some bits of advice:

  • Make sure to read all about the program terms
  • Clear your device of all personal data before trading it in
  • Include your battery and charge it up so that the retailer can turn it on and test
  • Including original accessories, documentation, chargers and/or packaging will get you more return
  • Make sure the item has a visible serial number
  • Check out what the retailer will do with the goods you trade-in

Here’s a list of who does trade-ins and what they take. As always, feel free to comment below if you know of any others.

Store What they take What you get
Best Buy
Trade-In Program
• cell phones
• gaming consoles
• iPads/tablets
• iPods/MP3 Players
• laptops (PC or Apple)
Best Buy Gift Card
The Source
Trade-Up & Save
• camcorders
• cell phones
• digital cameras
• e-readers
• gaming consoles
• iPods/MP3 players
• laptops (PC or Apple)
• tablets
• TV receivers
• video games
The Source Gift Card
Sony Canada
• blu-ray disc players
• camcorders
• cell phones
• digital cameras
• digital books
• game systems
• MP3 players
• laptops
• streaming players
• tablets
 Sony Store Gift Card
Apple Trade-in program coming to Canada soon! • camcorders
• cell phones
• digital cameras
• iPads & eBooks
• iPods & MP3 Players
They will give you a quote then
send a cheque or Paypal payment
for the value + FREE Shipping
Bell Mobility • cell phones
• tablets
Certificate applicable to a new phone
or accessories
Rogers Wireless • cell phones Credit towards the cost of a new phone
Telus • cell phones In-store credit towards the latest phone
or accessories
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