Staycations = Summer Fun and Savings for Families

Let’s face it moms, finding fun for the summer holidays can start to add up. But with a little planning, and bringing the kids in on it, a summer holiday in your own city can be exciting, fun (even educational) and very, very cheap! So, we’re making a pact this year to take time to explore fun things to do in our own city … on a budget and thought we’d share some of our tips and ideas with you. Click the read more button below for all the money saving staycation tips …

First off, start by sitting down with your kids and making a summer “bucket list” with them … things you want to do before summer vacation is over.  Explore a new hiking trail, find a new swimming pool or bike park, check out some museums, catch a concert in the park, pick local fruit, find a new craft fair or farmers’ market, have a lemonade stand.

Next, contact your local tourism association. Seems strange to do this in your own city but it’s amazing the insights they have plus … they are the keepers of coupons. Yes, all those brochures that line the racks are often a treasure trove of coupons, free maps and ideas for young minds. Let the representative know what you’re up to and you’ll be happily surprised at what they might have to offer in the way of savings and suggestions.

Get creative – contact your local firehall, police station or city hall. When is the last time you got to check out how your city is run? Or check out your local Chinatown, Little Italy or Little India parts of town for an awesome cultural day. Fun and sneakily educational!

Do a google search of your city – use terms like “free family fun”, “attraction coupons”, “free stuff for families”. There are lots of resources from family blogs and even attraction websites with great ideas and special offers.

Look for “cheap or FREE days” – lots of swimming pools have FREE swim times, museums have “entry by donation” days/times and there are lots of FREE concerts / movies and entertainment in local parks that happen throughout the summer.

Finally, don’t forget to bring along snacks and drinks or a fun picnic to help keep costs down even more.  To be honest, being able to have the comforts of home and the adventures you can find in your own backyard is really appealing when you have kids in tow. It’s amazing how much of your own city there is to learn about when you become a tourist in your own town.

Have an awesome summer and be sure and share your favourite staycation ideas and tips.

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