Trade & Save

Video Game Trade-in

If your kids (or you) love your video games, but not the cost associated with buying new versions / games each year, you might want to look into the various game trade-in programs at electronic stores in Canada. Future Shop, EB Games, Best Buy, The Source (Trade-Up and Save program) and probably others all have trade-in programs for instore credit or upgrading to newer versions. Many have special offer days (bonus trade-in values), or FREE items for trade-ins. We came across this site, which lists the trade-in value of games at each store so you know what kind of value you’re looking at. Having said all this, there are obviously lots of used games to enjoy out there as well (check Craigslist or Kijiji) plus you can also take games out from many local libraries which is a great way to enjoy something new at no cost!

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