Tourism Associations = Savings

If you’re planning a staycation this summer, or travelling to visit friends and family across Canada, be sure and check your destination’s official “tourism” site. Many of them offer coupons and savings for accommodation and attractions in their area. Some of the ones we found with a quick search include:

Calgary Attractions – Up to 50% off popular city and area attractions

Tourism BC – “Special Offers” section for deals and discounts

Vancouver Attractions – Pick up over $200 in savings coupons at any Chevron gas station

City of Toronto – FREE “Tab into TO” program where greeters will meet you and show you around the hidden gems of the city and share their neighbourhoods.

Attractions Ontario – Money saving coupons for popular Ontario attractions

So, whether you plan on being a tourist in your own town or heading off for a visit make sure you check attraction, city and provincial websites for deals, coupons and discounts! P.S. As always, don’t forget to check Groupon or one of the other many group buy sites at your destination before heading off and you might save yourself even more!

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