Coupon Sites in Canada (new Month = New Coupons)

A new month often brings NEW coupons from some of our favorite online coupon sites so be sure and do a quick scan! Coupon clipping has changed a bit since we were kids. Remember helping Mom clip the weekly coupons and sort and stash them? And while it was fun as a kid one can only imagine how tedious it was for Moms now that we’re in the same position. Nowadays there are some fabulous coupon sites in Canada that will mail / email you coupons which you specifically select. We’ve put together a list to share some of these great resources with you in on spot:

Some brands and stores actually have sites that offer FREE samples and / or coupons including:

And there are many more. If you have a favorite product or brand, be sure and check their website and Facebook page. They might also have a newsletter you can sign up for to receive coupons and free samples throughout the year (Chapmans ice cream will send $5 coupons 1x / year if you email them directly). And be sure and check with your grocery / drugstore for their coupon policy, many have in-store coupons you can use on top of a manufacturers coupon to save you even more. If you know of more sites, please be sure and leave a comment and let us know!

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