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Recently, Mother of a Deal reviewed Zinio Digital Magazines (both the service and the App) and checked out all the subscriptions available at Zinio.com. Read all about it and then ENTER TO WIN 1 of 10 Zinio Digital Subscriptions for yourself! We’ll draw a winner on Monday, October 7th.


Mother of a Deal was asked to review Zinio’s Digital Magazine service recently, and perusing through the list of titles they had, I jumped at the chance! Magazine reading used to be one my favourite pastimes, but for various reasons it seems to have gone by the wayside of late. I think this is a combo of trying to keep up with my hectic book group reading (one 3-400 page book a month), the cost of magazines these days and the lack of time to sit down and just browse through a mag. Instead, it seems my magazine reading has been relegated to Chickadee with the boys, and on holiday. SO, I thought, maybe if my favourite mags are on my iPad I might make the choice to sit and read them for while, rather than indulging my finger, which never seems to resist the magnetic pull of the Facebook App icon. Pesky finger.


What I knew about Zinio before starting was that my local library also uses the service to lend out digital magazines, so this means that while I can purchase subscriptions to my favourite magazines on Zinio.com, (and they always offer great discounts, like the 25% Off Entertainment titles they have on right now to celebrate the Emmy’s), I can also use the library’s subscriptions to read for FREE! Check if your library also offers this!

To setup my account, I went to Zinio.com and signed up. I always prefer to make an account, rather than using Facebook to login, but this is just my preference. Once you’re in, you can select from a vast range of magazine titles to subscribe to, or you can just read their FREE articles. Here’s a list of just some of the 5000 worldwide titles they offer:

  • Today’s Parent, Canadian Family
  • Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Oprah Magazine
  • Better Homes & Gardens, Cottage Life
  • Style at Home, House & Home, Good Housekeeping
  • Consumer Reports, MacLife
  • Cosmopolitan, Glamour, ELLE, Vogue
  • The New Yorker, The Economist, Maclean’s
  • OK!, US Weekly, Star
  • Storage Magazine, Food Network, Rachel Ray
  • National Geographic, Reader’s Digest

I chose a subscription to Style at Home, because we’re looking for some decorating inspiration. Next, I downloaded the FREE Zinio App onto my iPad and, once that had completed, simply logged in to the account I’d created. Then…hey presto! My Style at Home subscription was available to download and read. This all occurred in a matter of minutes.

The Experience

After flipping, or should I say swiping, through my new subscription, I’ve discovered there are several advantages to reading magazines digitally. One, the table of contents is digital, so if there’s an article you want to read, simply tap the article and you’re taken right there. No more fiddling with the pages – don’t know about you but I get frustrated when I can’t find the page numbers in magazines. Is it just me?

Two, some digital subscriptions include optional extras within the reading experience, like an exclusive interview that you can watch, behind-the-scene looks into the photo shoots or product sourcing tips and hints. I like these extras because they make you feel like you’re getting more for your buck and often give extra tips and insights you might not get otherwise!

Three, as mentioned above, there are definite monetary advantages to Zinio. They offer tons of discounts on magazine subscriptions I’m interested in, but they also offer you the advantage of buying just one issue too. And, I managed to hook up my library subscription to my account, which meant that I got to download some FREE magazines that I wouldn’t normally buy because of the price (and wouldn’t get to the Library in person for either!). One example is the one-issue cooking or baking issues, which have tons of recipe ideas in them, but are usually about $7.99 at the grocery checkout! I managed to find a few of these from the library, which I’ll keep on hand for cooking and meal planning.

Lastly, I can be known as a bit of a magazine pack rat, often keeping them for years “just in case”. Well, with Zinio, I can indulge my hoarder-like side without piling up the magazines in the shelves to collect dust. Not so easy to cut up for collages and vision boards…but let’s be realistic I don’t do those anyway!


All in all, I think Zinio is going to be a nice addition to my personal and family life. It has tons of advantages, both in terms of cost and ease of use, and a great selection of ever-expanding titles to choose from. Although I might miss the feel and the smell of flipping through a brand new magazine, the excitement of reading it is still possible to achieve via the App and it makes me feel like I’m moving forward into the digital age (as much as I resist)! I’m happy to recommend Zinio to my Mother of a Deal readers and the best news is that ZINIO has offered me TEN FREE Subscriptions to GIVEAWAY! Use the entry form below for your chance to WIN!

Disclosure: Zinio provided Mother of a Deal with the Style at Home subscription to try out their service. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. To see the full list of magazine subscriptions available, visit Zinio.com.

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