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This is a Mother of a Deal review of Easy Peasy Patches. Read all about how I used this fun solution to fix some holes in my boys’  jeans and then ENTER TO WIN $25 worth of Easy Peasy Patches for yourself! I’ll draw a winner on Monday, June 2nd.


A little while back, I received a sample of Easy Peasy Patches in the mail. These fun and multi-use patches are designed to fix up the inevitable holes that clothes get, but they’re also super fun for decorating bags, water bottles, camping gear etc – whatever you fancy! They’re a great way to save some money and the environment, and of course, I love that the company’s Canadian and Mom-run.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAKids (and yes let’s face it, boys) can be super hard on their clothes, what with all the running, climbing, rolling, crawling and jumping about they do when playing outside and at school. Not to mention the biting, picking and pulling they do, especially when there’s already a loose thread or the start of a hole there to tempt them (or is this just my kids?!). Throw in the vast amounts of washing and drying that clothes go through in their lifecycle (and the fact that some clothes become favourite daily-wears) and it’s no wonder that clothes get holes and tears in them, often before kids get a chance to outgrow them. So I’ve accepted the holes as a fact of life, but what to do about them is the real focus of this review!

I don’t know about you, but it really irks me to throw out a good pair of kids’ jeans just because they have a hole – it seems like such a waste of money and material. I’m not really that crafty, so it doesn’t help me much to keep hold of them for a “one-day” project. So, they kind of float around my house until one day I get fed up and throw them out, cringing while doing so. This problem, I’m glad to say, is where Easy Peasy Patches comes to the rescue!

Due to this perpetual hole-y problem, when Andrea from Easy Peasy sent me my envelope of patches, my eldest son had two pairs of jeans with holes in them, so I got to work using the patches on them, to great result. Following the advice on the enclosed care card, I took a loose needle and thread to the hole on one of the pairs, because it was a substantial hole and I kept imagining my son’s kneecap sticking to the patch on the inside. Then, I simply peeled the backing on the patch and smoothed it down on the jean – what could be simpler?! No fuss with the iron (that thing just collects dust in my house!), no sewing around the edges, no concern about getting it straight…really, just simple and easy! And they make the jeans look fun and good as new. As per the directions, I threw the jeans in the dryer after applying the patch (I guess this is to heat up the glue for extra adhesion) and then got my son to test them out. He had a lot of fun ripping around on his knees and in the days since, he’s worn the jeans to school and the patch is holding strong.

Overall, I think these patches are a great solution for getting the most wear possible out of kids’ clothes. They make me feel like I’ll be lengthening the time that my son can wear the (otherwise perfectly good)jeans and I’ll be fine with passing them down to my younger son or on to a charity, whereas in the past I would have just thrown them out. The designs are fun and appeal to boys and girls alike and they have tons of styles to choose from on their website – I’m positive the Minecraft design would be popular in this household! While the patches are a tad more expensive than a pack of three patches at Michaels (for example), they are WAY more fun and easy to use and it’s also possible to buy multiple packs of the patches for a bit more value, instead of just one at a time.


  • Easy to use – no ioning or sewing
  • Soft and pliable, patches move with the fabric
  • Fun and colourful designs
  • No loss of stickiness after days of wear
  • Washer and Dryer safe
  • Designed in Canada
  • Huge selection.
  • Pricier than buying a pack of patches from a fabric supplier, but WORTH IT for the ease of use

Check out the Easy Peasy Patches website and Like their Facebook Page for their news, ideas on how to use the patches and fun tidbits about celebs who have used the patches too.

I’m happy to recommend Easy Peasy Patches to my Mother of a Deal readers and the best news is that Easy Peasy Patches has offered Mother of a Deal $25 worth of patches to GIVEAWAY! Use the entry form below for your chance to WIN!

Disclosure: Easy Peasy Patches provided Mother of a Deal with a pack of four patches to try out their products. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own.

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